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Research Questions

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What are the drivers of honey bee vulnerability and native bee declines?

For over a decade, I've interviewed beekeepers, bee researchers, farmers, ecologists, and regulators to understand how land use policies, pesticides, climate change, and commercial pollination of the California almond industry impact bee health. Check out an Al Jazeera interview with me on this topic to learn more.

How is climate change impacting pollinators--and how can we support their resilience?

We still don't know exactly how pollinators will be impacted by climate change, but scientists are starting to see changes in pollination timing and other worrisome trends. I'm interested in translating research and solutions on this topic to the public. Read more about it on

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Farmers Market

How did direct market farmers fare during the Covid-19 pandemic?

I co-led a team of researchers with Dr. Ryan Galt to understand how direct market farmers (those who market directly to consumers through outlets like CSAs or farmers markets) fared during the first 10 months of the pandemic. Check out this press release about some of our findings.

What are the barriers and incentives to adopting bee friendly practices on almond farms?

I led a statewide survey of the almond industry with Emily McNamara and Dr. Lauren Ponisio to understand the barriers and incentives to adopting bee-friendly practices on farms.This press release details our findings.

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